About Us

We have an obligation to satisfy the demands of the biking community and our customers. We demand our bikes to be the best product (winning two IF design awards in 2013 for our Junior bike and the Croz Blade design) and offer exceptional service. This applies to our research, design and development, and the assembly of our bikes. We have strict guidelines to manage our factory and quality.
We are cyclists and competitive individuals who take the time to conduct elaborate tests and ride diverse terrain to find out just one more time what we’re creating is the best, and to ensure we know what we have built for our customers.
We have a passion to create winning machines with podium finishes (New York City Triathlon 2013 and more)Our Passion for the Sport
We are a part of the like-minded bicycle community. The roots of this mission go back when Joshua Colp (it’s owner) started working for OEM bicycle manufacturers. He felt limited by their mediocre designs and technology. It was at this time be decided to leave consulting for these manufacturers and establish his own brand, designing state-of-the-art frames and using cutting edge disk brake technology. We were one of the first bike manufacturers on the market with disk brakes. We constantly listen to our community and customers for insights into leading bicycle tech and we work closely with lead players like Shimano and SRAM. We believe this enables us and our customers to progress together. We aim to add value to the sport as the sport has given us the passion and desire to excel.