Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order
Culprit CSR+ Pre order

Culprit CSR+ Pre order


Delivery is for around 4 months from when 50 pre sales are committed. Roughly end of August or beginning of September

Video Introduction of the Product

August/September Product will Arrive in Taiwan plus shipping time from Taiwan to you

Culprit CSR+ is the ultimate in comfort.  Custom fit without the custom price.  When you are comfortable, you can stay aero longer


What is unique about Culprit CSR+

2 Patents Pending

1. Arm pad width is adjustable from 90 to 125 mm in width

2. Arm support length is 345 mm to the wrist before installing the wrist relief and hand grip.  You cut it exactly to your arms length.  The perfect fit.

3. Arm cup base has a huge range of adjustment. 4 rows of holes ,6 holes in length. Add that to the hardware we sell to fit your bike in smaller increments and you have a HUGE range of fit

4. The hand grip is completely adjustable. You can angle it inward. outward as well as adjust your hand grip up or down in 12 degree increments.

5. Comes with CEEGEE foam

6. Built in BTA attachment into the pad(BTA attachment sold seperately)

Price includes

  • 2*Aerobar bases
  • 2*HIgh cup sides, 2 Low cup sides
  • arm cups will be 3d printed nylon if less than 75 are pre sold. If more than 75, nylon injection tooling will be opened
  • 2* 90 mm-100 mm bolt cover
  • 2* 101-125 mm bolt cover
  • 2* bar end grips and hardware.
  • 2*sets of front arm foam pre cut in 5 mm increments
  • 2*sets of arm cup foam pre cut to fit 90-125 mm widths
  •  *side cups, wrist relief and middle covers will be 3d printed if 75 pre orders aren’t placed by Jan 5th.  If enough pre orders Injection Molds will be opened and the parts will be nylon composite.
  • Design has carbon tabs for Culprit BTA attachment(sold separately)

Price does not include shipping,import, or. VAT

Price does not include attachment hardware.  Hardware will be priced between 100 to 200 usd depending on your bike make/model.  We do not warranty your own hardware.

If you have something you think is compatible please email us to confirm.

currently designed with built in adjustable tilt from -10 degrees to + 24 degrees

31.8 adapter clamp

dual stack aerobars using your existing spacers and bolts but Cuprit top part.  Fits bolt spacing from 15-40mm with m5 or m6 bolts

Cervelo PX adapter for Ex10 monopos

adapters that will be designed 


Trek gen 2 monopost adapter

Shiv Tri Disc

Felt IA